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The question that shocked me after having my baby

Lyndsay Gardner

posted: 21 July, 2017, 9:00

in: Baby, Health & Wellbeing, Mum Stories

I don’t think there is anyone in the world that didn’t catch THAT picture of Beyonce last week – her glorious Instagram reveal of the twins where she is draped in a floral gown looking like she’s just stepped off the catwalk (with two babies). Yes, she looks a-mazing but I’m sure I wasn’t the only new mum that felt a bit slack in comparison. I mean, I’m still in my maternity leggings five months down the line.

So, this got me thinking about my post-baby body. I had IVF to conceive my baby, which involved filling my body with hormone injections for 14 weeks, with each of the different medications stating on the box ‘Side Effects: Weight Gain’.
As if normal pregnancy weight gain wasn’t enough, I had a double whammy. During pregnancy I put on a total of five stone. I lost two at the birth, leaving me three to contend with afterwards.

When Violet arrived I didn’t really care what I looked like, I was just so happy to be a mum. Sadly, people around me soon burst my bubble by asking me outright how I planned to lose my baby weight. I feel like my body is none of their business and I’ve been really surprised at this important time with our baby that this is what people are thinking about!

So, in response to those who have asked what my plans are to ‘bounce back’, I don’t have any. When I look at my daughter I think ‘I made you’. If I’m just left with a bit more squidge than I used to have, curves in places they didn’t exist before, and stretch marks, that was a small price to pay for something so amazing that has changed my life forever.

I’m really busy being a new mum and don’t need the extra stress of having to worry about what people are thinking of my body too. I’m already battling with the ‘are you breast- or bottle-feeding? Routine parenting or attachment parenting? Baby-led weaning or traditional weaning?’. Motherhood is enough to deal with already and the judgement at every turn is unreal. Cut us some slack!

I want to be the best mum for Violet, but I’m not counting calories and doing buggy fitness. I love salads, but then I also love Magnums and chip-shop chips, so there is a happy middle ground there somewhere.

So, what I’m trying to say is, if you created a baby, nurtured and grew it for nine months, don’t be hard on yourself – you did an awesome job! Celebrate those new curves and tiger stripes.

Have you been asked about losing your baby weight?

Lyndsay Gardner

Lyndsay is an award-winning blogger living in a little house by the sea with her partner and gorgeous black labrador,...

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  • JessieJ

    Seriously people, just MYOB!

  • Hazel

    Wow! People are so rude!!! I’m still in my maternity leggings a year on. Don’t listen to anyone, you’re amazing.

  • Laura Tian

    I wasn’t asked.. I was told I won’t lose it for at least a couple of years but I lost all the baby weight within the year and after my lo turned 18mo, I started losing more than I weighed around the time I got pregnant. So all those people who were waiting to mock my baby weight were not impressed..

  • Amelie

    3 months on, 4 kg to go out of 19 but, I have 3 under 4.5, I breastfeed and I hate diets so, it’ll have to wait 🙂 I was 67kg when I got pregnant with my first and I was 62kg after I stopped breastfeeding my second at 13 months… I’ll ” bounce back” soon enough and in the mean time, people can STFU 🙂

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