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Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Why do they dress Prince George in such old fashioned clothes?

Annie Ridout

posted: 17 July, 2017, 9:00

in: Preschooler, Celebrities, Mum Stories

When Will chose to marry Kate, the nation rejoiced: at last, a ‘normal’ person would be marrying in to the Royal Family. She would make him more down-to-earth; ground him. And when she rocked out in Zara and Reiss numbers, we clapped harder: hurrah for our future queen, who shops on the high street. (Or has her shoppers do it, but still…).

After giving birth to Prince George, The Duchess of Cambridge left the hospital dressed in Jenny Packham – a British designer with a ready-to-wear line stocked in Debenhams. Again, a symbol of her as an every day woman, in the palace. And we heard she was going to go against Royal tradition and be a hands-on mum. Again, three cheers.

But then Prince George started to appear and it was like a time warp.

First there was the Christening gown – a cream, floaty dress:

Photo by REX/Shutterstock 

Then the odd little blouse with red culottes:

Photo by REX/Shutterstock 

And the twee woollen jumper, twinning with his dad:

Photo by Francis Dias/NEWSPIX/REX/Shutterstock

What was the deal with those outfits at Pippa’s wedding?

Photo by REX/Shutterstock

And now, he’s clad in shirts and braces, aged three:

Photo by Paul Marriott/REX/Shutterstock 

It’s all so old fashioned. It’s like everything is moving with the times, except their children’s clothes.

Photo by Tom Buchanan/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock 

Photo by Tom Buchanan/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by REX/Shutterstock 

I get that dressing kids can be tricky. All the children’s clothes departments in high street stores are separated into boys/girls. In the girls’ section, you’ll find pink, princesses, lace, frills, Frozen. In the boys’, you’ll be bombarded with blue and green, tractors, animals and action heroes (Superman, Spiderman). It’s limited.

There is no ‘unisex’ department. And so I’ve found myself in M&S, buying a boys’ jumper for my daughter because the only option on her ‘side’ of the shop is a white cardigan trimmed with lace. I don’t mind a bit of frill and flounce occasionally – but not every day.

What I’ve found even harder is clothing my baby boy. Rightly or wrongly, I wouldn’t put him in floral prints or a dress – so I’m limited to the Blue Section. But over there, there isn’t much variety.

That’s why I did some research and was delighted to discover brands like Indikidual – a brilliant gender neutral kids’ labels. I now buy from their website for my daughter and will hand the clothes down to my son when the time is right. Independent brands are often more expensive but they have great sales that I make the most of.

But money is no issue for the Royals. They’re minted. They could buy out the entire Indikidual website without it even denting their monthly outgoings. So why aren’t they updating the Royal offspring’s wardrobe? Why aren’t they getting with the times? Why aren’t Kate and Will staying modern with their attitude to Prince George’s garms? Why are they either dressing him like a little girl or a little old man?

The Royal Family need to update their ideas about how to dress their children; poor little Prince George.

Do you think Prince George's outfits are old fashioned?

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I’d love to know if you have any ideas about why Kate and Will dress Prince George in such odd, old fashioned attire?

Share now and see whether your friends agree.

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  • Amy

    Ahh I love the traditional outfits! I think they look gorgeous.

  • tess

    The wedding outfits are adorable!

  • Kelly Anne Dancer

    They dress him like an actual child, not a mini adult. As the mother of a toddler boy, I can tell you that after my first attempt to remove skinny jeans after a poonami, I threw the buggers out and embraced the Prince George look like I had wanted to all along. In those “old-fashioned” clothes children have the freedom of movement to run and play to their hearts content, not restricted by tight or adult like restraints. I think he looks great and good for them for dressing their kid the way they want. Their kid, their choice, their way. End of.

  • Helen

    It’s not old fashioned, its traditional dress that doesn’t age. He will wear shorts until he is 7, he does wear high street brands such as Kath Kidson at times.
    I wish I could afford the key pieces George wears for my son, rather than the generic tacky boys pieces that all the children in nursery wear.
    However I will be checking out the website you suggested, as I would like some gender neutral clothing.

  • jay

    Poor little lad – he looks so uncomfortable. He’s dressed for the cameras, not for comfort

  • Nathalie

    The Royal Family never throw anything away – so George will be dressed in the same outfits that his father was…. and possibly even his grandad. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Decent well-made clothes that are not constantly falling apart or chasing fashion, or even advertising various brands.

  • Soph

    In Spain loads of little kids seem to dress like this, much nicer than some of the polyester rubbish my kids always beg me for!

  • Lottie

    its posh basically, and a little bit “how do you do” I think the prince is adorable, but a modern take on old classics would be nice. The clothes he wears are not his choice, it will be interesting to see what he’ll do when his a teen, anyway I think they make the statement, “yes I am three, but I am also a prince, I just could not possible look like other three years”

  • Alexandra

    An even better question, why is baby centre asking such stupid pointless questions? Does his wardrobe need an update? How silly. Is it anyone’s business? No, is it positive and productive to comment on how stylish people dress their children? Certainly not. What a load of rubbish. He’s a toddler, he’s fed and clothed that’s amazing and all the matters.

  • Shirley Gardner

    I think it’s cute, but I would like to see them sometimes wearing more modern clothing. It doesn’t have to be something horrendous like jeggings, but there are plenty options out there. There are times and places for certain clothing, you wouldn’t put your kid in shorts and braces for the soft play, but at royal events yes. He is a future king after all.

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