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We took our 9 week old to a festival and survived!

Adam Riches

posted: 24 July, 2017, 9:00

in: Baby, You and Your Family, Family, Mum Stories

Last weekend, we went to Latitude and we took the baby. Yes, we took a 9-week old to a festival.

Before Eddison was born, me and Elissa decided to book a load of things that we love so that when the baby arrived, we still did fun things. At the time it was a great idea – and in practice it was too…way different to our pre-baby festival experiences, but we had an amazing time!

You wouldn’t think that loud music and thousands of people mix too well with such a young baby; however, taking our little one to a festival was great. Eddison (seems to) love music and we figured it isn’t much different to going to the park.

Latitude is typically a family-friendly festival and true to form, there were lots of other children there. In the end we spent about 12 hours there and saw all the bands we wanted too. Top! We got a lot of questions from people and a lot of “wow, you’re both brave” comments from strangers – but we weren’t that brave really. Admittedly, he was the youngest child we saw, but nobody seemed phased at us taking the baby at all and best of all Eddison was happy all day.

Going to festival with such a little baby is a logistical mission. We didn’t want to have too much stuff, but we didn’t want to be caught short either.

A fine balance I’m sure all parents can relate to. Against my better judgement we took along our buggy (it’s an off road one so it made sense really) just in case Eddison wanted to lay down or we needed some shade.

The weather was kind to us and luckily it was dry, but not super sunny and in honesty, we didn’t use the buggy for anything other than carting our own stuff around. The main form of baby transport was my carrier which proved hugely valuable for a couple of reasons 1) navigating crowds was way easier and 2) it felt safer as the day went on and people were more intoxicated (let’s say). I guess I felt that having the baby attached to my 15 and a bit stone was safer than the buggy which could have been easily walked into. Aside transport, we packed light and took our usual baby stuff plus a blanket.

Another big consideration and priority was Eddi’s ears. If you’re thinking of going to a festival with a baby, one of the first things to do is get some decent ear protection. Annoyingly for newborns, the ridged headphones are a bit big. We got some with an elasticated band which were way more comfortable for the boy and allowed us to lay him down or to have him in the carrier without too much hassle and annoyance.

A little tip: do a few dry runs at home with the ear protectors, the first time you use them can be weird for babies and you don’t want a meltdown mid-festival!

Of course facilities aren’t exactly geared towards babies at outdoor festivals, so along with boob milk, we whacked in a couple of pre-mixed milks in the bag – one for the night feed and of course in case of emergency.

Lis breastfeeds for most of the day except for one feed in the evening and I didn’t want to be faffing with powder and water. The pre-mixed (I call it McDonald’s milk – no actual relation to McDonald’s obviously) was really useful as a one off. The disposable tip meant we didn’t even need to take bottles, another burden off the bag. Changing wasn’t a huge challenge, we just did it in a non-crowded place on the grass – so at one with nature (!!).

Baby festival advice

A few things you might want to consider:

– Only take your normal day stuff – you won’t need any more than usual.

– Carriers are better than buggies – think about if your baby actually needs the buggy.

– Don’t forget a blanket – it’s nice to have somewhere to have a rest and change.

– Ear defenders are essential to protect little ears – try them out first and go for practicality over fashion.

– You might want to take something to create shade if the forecast is sunny.


If you pick the right festival, taking a baby is honestly no issue. Not quite the same as not having a baby, but it’s magical in a different way.

Have you or are you going to a festival with your children this year – what are your essentials?

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