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About Yvette:

Yvette is the creator of two cheeky chaps and an aptly named blog, Big Trouble in Little Nappies In it, she talks truthfully about the highs and lows of parenting, writing with humour and honesty. She also writes about infertility and loss, hoping to reduce isolation for others experiencing it. Yvette's writing can be followed via Facebook and Twitter


I’m a regular subscriber to mum guilt, like many of us I’m sure. Yet the one thing I have never felt bad about – despite it being frowned upon – is my young children watching television. They love it, and I love that they love it. I’m not going to apologise for letting my kids… Read more »

I’ll start by saying the thing that shouldn’t even need to be said: I love the very bones of my two children. So just to save any over-zealous types needing to inform me that I should be grateful for them, I am. They just happen to drive me to the brink sometimes. OK, a lot…. Read more »

one year old boy eating at kitchen table

Fussy eating is often synonymous with toddlers, and most children go through a picky phase with food at one point or another. But my 18 month old has never really been open to new tastes and seems to be getting worse. I’m at the point of starting to find meal times – or the rejection… Read more »

newborn baby boy in moses basket

I absolutely adore it when a friend has a new baby. It is such a joyous and special time, and I never fail in coming over all emotional at this huge life event. With permission of course, I’m always eager to visit and meet the new bundle – after all, who doesn’t love a good… Read more »

toddlers with mum on a merry-go-round

It’s no secret that the arrival of my second baby knocked me sideways a little. As well as adjusting to life with two children and learning how to split myself in two – which it turns out can’t actually be done – he was also a terrible sleeper and a bottle refuser. This meant I… Read more »

a pile of children's artwork and crafts

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet. Something has been bugging me for a while and it’s probably going to make me sound like a bit of a wicked witch. But I’m beginning to actually hate my children’s art work, random creations and toys. There, I’ve said it. I wish I could bin the lot…. Read more »

To my little boy, Of all the milestones we have experienced together, this somehow feels like the biggest. In just a couple of weeks you will be starting school… I can hardly believe it. And I suppose I should acknowledge it is also the beginning of many big adventures away from me. You are excited,… Read more »

As a suburban mum of two, I thought my days of living on the edge were well and truly over. That is, until my baby became mobile. I know babies like to explore, I know they like to open drawers, pull things out of cupboards and generally get to grips with the world by touching,… Read more »

Every mum knows that parenting is Hard Work. Yes, it is rewarding, special and amazing as well – yada yada – but day-to-day, it can feel a bit like walking against the wind while trying to dress an octopus and answer a series of convoluted questions about stars while trying not to pass out from… Read more »

I don’t think anyone would disagree that there is something very special about a woman on her wedding day.  To me, a bride symbolises  many things: beauty, hope, happiness and new beginnings. I love catching a glimpse of wedding parties, even if it’s not someone I know. It leaves me with a lovely warm feeling… Read more »

The hardest things I have found about becoming a mum is the lack of control, and the struggle against losing myself completely in a world that now revolves around someone else. It can be a difficult thing to describe though. How could this baby change my life so completely? Why was even my relationship affected?… Read more »

baby boy in highchair

I have so enjoyed introducing both of my babies to solid food. Seeing their funny expressions at the first taste of vegetables and finding out which foods they enjoy the most is both fun and interesting. And as long as they actually eat some of it – never guaranteed with my children – I kind… Read more »

I guess clichés become clichés because they are true – and none more so than how quickly the time is passing by with my last baby. He is now 15 months old and I honestly can’t tell you where the last year and a quarter have gone. In some ways it feels like he has… Read more »

Most people I know, whether usually fans of the royal family or not, have a soft spot for the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate always comes across as down to earth, warm and friendly, and pretty normal, especially considering her quite extraordinary position. And since she became a mum four years ago, many of us feel… Read more »

In a candid interview last week, Prince Harry talked about the realities of life in the Royal Family and how it can feel like living in a goldfish bowl. I can imagine how hard it would be to be watched by the media, and am not even surprised by his revelation that there is actually… Read more »

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