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About Sarah:

Sarah is a freelance broadcaster with 15 years of TV under her belt presenting shows from Top of the Pops to Live and Kicking, The Girlie Show to The National Lottery. Sarah's husband Andy, and two children, Hunter and Autumn, are her favourite ways to waste time. When not running around after them, Sarah is busy attempting to turn herself from Hapless Housewife into Domestic Goddess. You can find her sometimes quite successful attempts (other times, not so much!) at her website She blogs about parenthood at Help! Where's the manual? For Life according to Cawood in 140 characters or less, follow her on Twitter, @sarah_cawood.


I have just got back from a wonderful holiday with my extended family in Spain. It was just lovely. I was a total cliché, and went through some sort of random metamorphosis from humdrum mum to wannabe-Spanish-sangria-guzzling-senorita in the space of a mere seven days. There were definite stages to this dramatic change (and you’ll… Read more »

Holiday fun

I am writing this from my sun lounger in sunny Spain. (I know, don’t hate on me too much). If you have school age children then you may well be thinking “Wow! I wonder how much that holiday is costing them?!” It is an expensive holiday: villa on the Costa Blanca, own swimming pool, beaches… Read more »

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After my daughter was born (three years ago), I was given a fantastic opportunity to work for a radio station as a breakfast show DJ. I jumped at the chance even though it meant leaving her when she was only 11 weeks old. Three months in, tired from the early starts and the 120 mile… Read more »

Yesterday we took our son to be circumcised. Some people have their child circumcised for medical reasons and some for preference. Ours was the former. We didn’t notice Hunter had phimosis until after we had potty trained him. That was when we noticed his wee would fly high into the air and arc like a… Read more »

Woman ignoring you with fingers in ears

Who knew having a baby, then getting them to mini-adulthood could be SUCH a minefield? When I had my first baby, I ended up being a bit of a slave to the parenting experts, their books and their advice. Then I realised each baby is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to raising children. I… Read more »

Hands of female and male lying on bed

Ahhhh, pregnancy. You’d think you’d know everything about sex by the time you’re knocked up, since that’s what got you here, right? HOWEVER, there are still things to learn it seems. Now I’ve been preggers twice and even I didn’t know about some of this stuff, so read on and be amazed. Here are 13… Read more »

Victoria Beckham

They say money can’t buy you happiness and whilst I agree in principle, there is no doubt in my mind that having lots of cash can soften the blow of many a life challenge. You’d think that having a baby and raising a family would be the ultimate leveller, but really, when it comes to… Read more »

Cawood-Merry Clan

“Why are you crying mummy?”. My children have been asking me this question a lot recently. Usually when I’m listening to the news or seeing the horrifying and tragic news stories that seem to pour forth unceasingly from my radio and TV. Most recently, it was when I was watching the amazing #onelovemanchester concert and… Read more »

School mum mates.

The School Gate. Words to strike fear in the heart of any new school-going mama. We’ve all heard the horror stories: judgy mums looking you up and down from the safety of their 4x4s, hair freshly blow dried, nails done, winning at life. Or the other end of the spectrum: mums with bedhead, still in… Read more »

Today is the first ever World Pre-eclampsia Day. The theme for this fledgling campaign is “Be prepared before lightening strikes” which is encouraging pregnant women to recognise the symptoms of pre-eclampsia and go to their health providers if and when they do. Helping save lives This initiative will hopefully save many lives from the pregnancy… Read more »

Autumn wears lipstick

My smallest Small turned three back in October and more or less immediately morphed into a threenager, the likes of which I hadn’t seen (and had completely forgotten about) since her older Small was the same age a couple of years ago. (WHY do we never remember this stuff, WHY?). OMFG, she is driving both… Read more »

Hunter and Autumn

Maybe the title to this blog post should be “F*** attachment parenting. I’m old.” Because actually, I think my attitude to parenting has more in common with my mother’s generation than with the millenials who’ve started families. So much seems to have changed since I was a little girl, and I often wonder whether I’m… Read more »

A couple of years ago, on a long drive for a family day at the seaside, a lovely and well-meaning family member (who shall remain nameless) said to me: “don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not really a natural mother”. It wasn’t a cruel jibe and was said with zero malice, but I… Read more »

Hunter turns five.

My little boy, Hunter, turned five last month, and although it sounds ridiculous to say, he has already changed SO much from when he was four. The transition has been really quite dramatic. When you have a small baby, it seems inconceivable they will (in a very short space of time) become their very own… Read more »

I’ve got a dilemma; one which you may possibly be able to help me with. I’m at a total loss as to which method of birth control I should use now I’ve decided my family is complete. I have just had a look at the contraceptive page on the NHS website and was totally blinded, not… Read more »

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