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About Adam:

Adam Riches is a dad, teacher, educational consultant, freelance journalist and blogger at The Honest Dad. He lives with his wife and new born son Eddison. After switching Muay Thai for nappy changing, life has become more and more eventful. Adam writes for a dad's perspective as honestly as possible - Follow him on Instagram (@thehonestdad) and Twitter (@thehonestdad) for daily musings.


Time really gets shifting when you’ve got a baby – especially the first months. There isn’t another time in my life where the days and weeks have flown by this quickly. Not surprisingly, a lot happens in the first few months with a bairn – sometimes too much! Narrowing down my highlights of being a dad,… Read more »

When my paternity leave finished, I was gutted I had to go back to work full-time. Two weeks off just wasn’t enough! I really wanted to spend some more time with the baby – luckily, an opportunity arose and I was able to go down to four days a week at work. This week, my… Read more »

What’s it really like to be a dad? It’s hard, but it’s amazing. I’m four months into fatherhood now and in those short few months, I’ve learnt so much about being a parent and also loads about myself. Life is certainly not the same! Sleeping I can’t remember what it’s like to sleep through the… Read more »

Postnatal depression is something lots of mums-to-be fear, but strangely it isn’t something that dads think about or talk about. I know my main worry was my wife and baby in those immediate weeks after the birth and when I look back, I did get run down, and I was pretty low at times. Following… Read more »

September spells the start of the school year for thousands of children across the country, but this year a certain royal prince was on dad-duty, taking his son for his first day of school. Prince George started his primary education at Thomas’s Battersea and dad William dealt with the drop off in front of the… Read more »

With dads typically going back to work just two weeks after their baby has been born, having a bit of bonding time is really important – bath time before bed has really allowed me to do just that. I’m not a bathing guru, but here are a few tips for new parents that I’ve picked… Read more »

dad holding newborn

Early on in pregnancy, you start to pick up and learn about new things as a dad-to-be; you pick up the jargon and start talking about things you didn’t know existed – it’s a busy time and sometimes it’s hard to take it all in. As the due date approaches, there are some things you… Read more »

Babies can cost a fortune and deciding what the essentials are can be tough as new parents. I know we wish we had been a bit better informed when it came to buying baby stuff, as we didn’t have a clue what to consider when looking for products. Let me just say, I’m not advertising… Read more »

Prince William and Kate

I sometime wonder how different life must be as a member of the royal family – no money worries, great holidays and help always on hand (I envisage a chef cooking anything you want, whenever you want it). But from time to time, we get snippets from the media that show the royals aren’t so… Read more »

At three months, Eddison is at the age where we want to put him to bed before we head up. Keeping an eye on him while he sleeps (or not, as the case often is) is really important for us – especially his mum! After some rigorous testing, VTech’s safe and sound 2.8’’ colour video… Read more »

“It will be fine, it can’t be that much harder with a baby,” said our pre-birth selves. During pregnancy, we were full of confidence about what having a baby entailed. The reality is somewhat different of course, but I’m kind of glad we made the plans we did because we’ve had such a good first… Read more »

woman in labour

Hypnobirthing is big at the moment. Loads of people have positive birthing experiences hailing their courses for their birth success. While my wife was pregnant, we did a course and I was absolutely sold on the idea. I didn’t just like it, I loved it. I would go as far as to say it changed pregnancy for… Read more »

Eddison’s entry to the world didn’t exactly go to plan. After a difficult labour, Lis eventually had to have an emergency C-section, and my son was brought into the world mid-poo. They say that you quickly forget how difficult labour/birth is and it’s true to an extent, but we’ll never forget the first 24 hours… Read more »

During pregnancy, you are inundated with information about having a baby, looking after them and how you will feel post-partum. We found a lot of the information and advice we got from people turned out not relevant to us at all – some of it, I wish we hadn’t heard! I asked a few of… Read more »

There’s lots of support for breastfeeding mums available if you look in the right places. National networks and online sources offer a helping hand when things get tough. Aside from the big guns such as La Leche League, NCT, the NHS, and BabyCentre of course, social media offers more support than you might first give… Read more »

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